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LED Comparison Testing

Comparison of LED lighting products.

Kelvin LED

Chart Kelvin from Cold White to Warm White

Note: We see the blue color temperatures as cold, yet it is our daily by beautiful weather outside!

Color References

Source : interesting article : Lumière chaude, lumière froide… qu’est-ce que ça veut dire ?

  • Your LED lighting has a different color, it does not look the same, we compare, for you, the database

Les données de base

Basic Datas

  • CCT : Color Temperature
  • CRI : Color Rendering Indice
  • LUX : Brightness
  • Purity : White Quality
  • Duv : direction of a color shift
  • the light spectrum (with the main wave)

Spectre Lumineux

the light spectrum


Color Classification Blue (ultra violet) to Red (IR)

  • The color rendering index (color of color)

The lower the number, the higher the color rendering is bad



  • Positioning on the black body curve

More red cross is far from the red line and the white tends toward another color like green or purple typically

CIE 1976

CIE 1976

CIE 1931

CIE 1931

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